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Celebrate Spring at Eataly Chicago

Celebrate Spring at Eataly Chicago

Did you know that even cheese has its seasons? This Spring, we're celebrating peak seasonal flavors and a fresh start to the season with our selection of seasonal cheese, salumi and wine at Eataly Chicago.

From April 5 to 25, discover our newest selection of fresh formaggi and the perfect salumi to pair, then pick up organic and biodynamic wines from our wine shop to create the ultimate Spring picnic platter.




Our dairies follow traditional farming practices with small herds that give birth in the spring, and the farmers use this prized new milk for cheesemaking (after the calves and lambs have had their fill, of course). The taste is unparalleled: now that the cows, goats, and sheep are back out to pasture, you can taste the tangy, herbaceous notes of the fresh grass, clover, and hay that the animals eat. Check out our cheesemonger's picks for the season!

Soft and spreadable, we specially source Nonno Nanni's traditional Italian fresh cheeses from Veneto. Pair picks like Squaquerello, a particularly soft and creamy cheese, with a fresh salad and piadina (and your favorite Italian wines, of course).

Shopping cart with Italian wine and cheeses

Hailing from the hills of Abruzzo, the Marcelli family makes only farmstead-style cheeses using the milk from their family's herds of sheep and goats. Don't miss their Primo Sale: meaning "first salt," this traditional-style sheep's milk cheese has only been salted one time during its maturation period, for a soft texture and floral and earthy flavor.

A local gem, Blakesville Creamery launched their farmstead in 2020, led by Head Cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza. With a keen focus on healthy, happy herds, their goat's milk cheeses are exceptional: small-batch, delicate, and creamy. Look out for unique picks like After Glow, a goat cheese washed with New Glarus Belgian Red Ale, with a delicate wrinkled rind and bold, grassy interior.


What goes best with the creamy, tangy flavors of Spring cheeses? Look for these fatty, rich salami to complement your cheese board picks.

Founded by acclaimed Tuscan chef Cesare Casella, this line of salumi is inspired by Chef Casella's own experience of assisting the norcini, or old school countryside butchers, during his youth. Try the Cacciatorini Dolce, a hunter-style Piemontese salami that gets its bold flavor from paprika and Calabrian chilis.

Salumi and formaggi antipasto board

Founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1956, Ferrarini is still dedicated to producing their regional salumi the traditional way. Pick up the Salami Emilia to add your antipasto board, made from carefully selected pork cuts and naturally seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, and spices, then left to cure slowly for a salty, complex flavor.


Up to 25% OFF natural, biodynamic, and organic wines

The bright colors and flavors of the season pair perfectly with the unfiltered, unaltered taste profiles of organic, natural, and biodynamic wines – from fresh white wines perfect for in-season seafood to orange wines with roast pork or peak produce like artichokes and asparagus, to light and bright reds that go with just about anything. (Still fuzzy on what makes a wine "natural"? Get our guide here.) Ask our wine experts for their favorite bottles, then shop our picks on sale all month at up to 25% off.

Wine and flowers at SERRA by Birreria, Eataly's seasonal restaurant in nyc


Not sure where to start? Get our guide to making the best antipasto platter to start. Then use your cheeses for fresh aperitivo bites like Crostini con Piselli, or throw together a piadina to-go.



Italy is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and there is no time this biodiversity is more on display than during springtime. To highlight all that the country has to offer, we're partnering with the Italian Trade Agency to showcase the authenticity and unique traits that make our fresh Italian cheeses, wines, and other seasonal products stand out.

From classes and tastings to special dishes in our restaurants, look for their logos to learn about the variety, biodiversity, and centuries-old traditions and culture behind our seasonal Italian picks.

Ti aspettiamo! See you there!