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Casa Bombardino

Casa Bombardino

From February 15-28, discover your new favorite warm winter drink at Casa Bombardino, a pop-up ski lodge by ZABOV!

The Bombardino is a traditional winter drink made with a combination of brandy (or rum, in some cases) and egg-based liqueur topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Originating in Lombardia, it is now common in many baite, or ski lodges, throughout Italy for its heartwarming effect after a long day on the ski slopes.

After a long day of navigating the cold Chicago streets, visit Casa Bombardino on our second floor for a traditional Italian warm-up! Drink, shop, and learn all about the winter cocktail.



Chicago is cold this time of year! Stop by Casa Bombardino for a Bombardino, the perfect combination of ZABOV liqueur and brandy, all topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Visit Casa Bombardino on the second floor of Eataly Chicago — you can't miss it! — just look for the ski lodge between the elevators.



We know that once you taste these drinks at Casa Bombardino, you will want to enjoy them at home. Pick up a bottle of one (or all three!) flavors of ZABOV from our wine and spirits section, then try them chilled on their own or mixed in cocktails.

For a twist, taste ZABOV's three flavors: the ZABOV Classic, a Zabaglione egg liqueur with the delicate, distinctive taste of Italian brandy (think: eggnog the Italian way — but better!); ZABOV al Cioccolato, made with dark cocoa; or ZABOV al Caffè, an unmistakable taste of smooth espresso cream.

Then, explore the art of making the Bombardino at home with this recipe from Eataly Magazine!



According to ancient legend, the Bombardino was created by a young man from Genova, who one day decided to leave the sea for a life in the Italian Alps. After spending years as an officer in the Alpini (the oldest active mountain infantry in the world), he took a job as the manager of a ski lodge near Mottolino, a ski run located in Lombardia.

One day, four amici italiani came in looking for a cocktail to up their spirits and warm their bodies after a long day in the bitter cold of winter. What they came up with is today known as the Bombardino: milk, whiskey, and zabaglione — all brought almost to a boiling point. One of the friends tried the drink and cried, "Accidenti! È una bomba!" This literally translates to, "Yikes! It's a bomb!" Forever after, skiers traveled far and wide to taste the Genovese's signature drink: the Bombardino.

Over time, the milk and zabaglione were replaced with a creamy egg liqueur (think: ZABOV Zabaglione), the whiskey became a choice of brandy or rum, and the whipped cream topping and cinnamon were added (for obvious reasons).

Taste the Bombardino, alongside other traditional mountain fare, at our Dine Around the Italian Alps on Friday, February 26. Learn more and schedule your departure for the Alps here!

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