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  • Pumpkin: from Stem to Seed

    As we carve into jack-o'-lantern season, discover a dozen ways to use the whole pumpkin! (Word to the wise: there will be no pumpkin spice. After all, we are still Italians.)
  • Book Fair

    This fall, develop your culinary library with 50% off our books dedicated to food, wine, and Italy’s rich culture, only through October 31.
  • Eat Better, Save Better

    At Eataly, we want you to taste all the high-quality food and drink that we love, so we are now offering a curated selection at special prices, only through November 13.
  • Pane Mediterraneo

    Discover the story of Pane Mediterraneo, Eataly's new wholesome bread made with seven seeds and two whole-grain flours.
  • Best of Barolo: Six-Vintage Tasting

    Taste six unique vintages of Barolo from Fontanafredda, a winery in the heart of the scenic Langhe region of Piemonte, during our wine tasting and pairing event on Thursday, October 27!
  • Meet Chef Tina Tomasello

    Eataly Magazine is pleased to introduce you to Tina Tomasello, Eataly Chicago's head pastry chef. Continue reading

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