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  • Our Top 20 Pasta Recipes

    You asked, we answered. Read on for our top 20 authentic Italian pasta recipes.
  • Ravioli & Co., La Pasticceria, & More To Go

    Explore our grocery and wine store hours and learn how to order pick-up with us.
  • Our Top 5 Italian Sauces

    Don't have an Italian nonna to send you home with jar after jar of homemade sauce? Our chefs have got you covered.
  • Lo Spaghetto al Pomodoro di Eataly

    If someone in a culinary Rorschach test asked what image springs to mind with the words “Italian food,” you would likely picture a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce. Continue reading

  • Winter Amaro Cocktail

    Perfect for winter, this creative cocktail combines gin with two popular Italian amari and spices for a warming drink that can be enjoyed before or after dinner. Get the recipe!
  • Eataly Vino

    With over 1600 labels, our wines and spirits span a vast selection of Italian excellence, from producers such as Fontanafredda, Borgogno, and Bastianich.
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