PASTA CHALLENGE – 3 weeks, 3 recipes, and all the ingredients to become a pasta expert. STOCK YOUR PANTRY.


  • Lasagne alla Bolognese Recipe

    This classic lasagna Bolognese from Emilia-Romagna reminds us why it's one of the most ancient pasta dishes on record. Once you try it, you'll be eating it for centuries yet to come.
  • Our Top 20 Pasta Recipes

    You asked, we answered. Read on for our top 20 authentic Italian pasta recipes.
  • How to Pair Pasta with Sauce

    From short and tubular to long and curvy, every pasta has a unique form. Learn how to pair each one with the ultimate pasta and sauce pairing guide.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Olive Oil

    Overwhelmed by the countless extra virgin olive oils in our store? We interviewed our product specialist to find out what you should look for. Here's what they said.
  • Catering at Eataly Chicago

    Planning an event? We are ready to cater any occasion, from early meetings in the office to memorable dinners at home. Explore menus and pricing.
  • Discover Something New at La Scuola

    At La Scuola di Eataly, we believe that the more you know, the more you enjoy. We want you to discover our food, our chefs, and the producers who inspire us. Continue reading

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