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Via Emilia by Michael Schlow

Via Emilia by Michael Schlow

Located in the heart of the Po Valley in northern Italy, Emilia-Romagna is celebrated for its medieval cities, vibrant scenery, and — our favorite — rich cuisine. You can actually trace the region’s most iconic specialties along Via Emilia, a Roman road that hits culinary highlights like Modena (glossy balsamic), Parma (savory prosciutto), Bologna (hearty ragù), and many more.

Led by Boston-based chef Michael Schlow, we are bringing these flavors to you at our own Via Emilia, a limited-edition restaurant in the heart of Eataly. Starting February 1, you can experience Emilia-Romagna without leaving Boston!

Acclaimed for his restaurants across the country, Chef Schlow is introducing his characteristic culinary flair to La Cucina, our rotating-concept corner in La Piazza. During his two-month tenure, Via Emilia will present a range of delicious dishes that incorporate traditional regional ingredients, from rustic greens to fresh pasta to wild boar. The chef will draw inspiration from his own time in Emilia-Romagna, where he traveled, worked, and fell for the culture and cuisine.

Whether you visit Via Emilia for a glass of wine and shared plates or prefer to settle in for a multi-course meal, prepare to be transported to the fertile valleys and sloping mountains of Emilia-Romagna. But come soon — who knows exactly when La Cucina will be transformed again!

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tagliatelle al manzo pasta

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