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Tomato Weeks at Eataly Boston

Tomato Weeks at Eataly Boston

Get ready, amici: tomato season is in full swing! From juicy heirlooms to sweet and tangy cherry tomatoes, it's that time of year to enjoy the glorious bounty of the season. 

Meaning "golden apple" in Italian, a perfect pomodoro is one of life's simple pleasures. And, even though the tomato is not originally native to Italy (hard to believe, we know!), we're ready to embrace the season in true Italian fashion.

From August 19-29 at Eataly Boston, we're embracing all things tomatoes with market offers, menu specials, and in-store tasting events. Read on to see how to make the most of peak pomodoro season - and for a recipe or two!


It's hard to miss the rainbow explosion of local and vine-ripened tomatoes in our marketplace. Picked at the peak of ripeness and bursting with flavor, our selection of seasonal tomatoes include even the most unique varieties to pair with your summer dishes!

Try Sungold and Cabernet Estate Reserve Cherry Tomatoes, bursting with flavor, or colorful Heirlooms, each one unique due to lack of genetic mutations found in commercial tomato varieties. Then, pair with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and our housemade mozzarella for a quick Caprese salad!

The tomato festivities don't stop at our fresh market, though – browse our dry market to stock up on high-quality Italian tomato products to enjoy all year long! Harvested at peak ripeness to capture the full flavor of Italian summer, find everything you need to make the perfect Italian meal in your own kitchen, from passata and sauces to bronze-extruded pasta.


Get 20% off select Mutti products, including Cherry Pomodorini di Collina, San Marzano Pomodori Pelati, and Baby Roma Datterini

Get 30% off our Rustic Classico bread with your purchase of Heirloom Tomatoes – try our recipe for Tomato Bruschetta to make the most of your market haul!



Join us throughout the week for complimentary tastings of our favorite Italian dishes featuring tomatoes!

Everyday at 12 p.m., our producers and Eataly's storytellers will offer free tastings and open your eyes to the world of tomato pairings and recipes (Think: caprese, bruschetta, olive oils, balsamic, tomato-pesto, and more). Come try before you buy!


Keep an eye out for these special seasonal dishes in our restaurants!

La Piazza
Caprese with Luizzi stracciatella, Backyard Farms tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil
Panzanella with Backyard Farms tomatoes, strawberries, ricotta salata, housemade croutons, and sherry vinaigrette

La Pizza & La Pasta
Caprese with Luizzi stracciatella, Backyard Farms tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil 


Want to try your hand at making some classic Italian tomato recipes at home? Discover our Top Five Tomato Recipes on Eataly Magazine!