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Terra: A Seasonal Winter Escape

Terra: A Seasonal Winter Escape

At Terra, Eataly Boston’s rooftop restaurant, there is a powerful connection to the elements. Earth, water, and fire harmoniously work together to create a unique experience designed to take you back to humankind’s roots.

During the heart of Boston winters, there is nothing better than escaping the cold. But we here at Eataly believe in fully embracing the seasons—utilizing in-season ingredients and incorporating warming flavors—while in the ambiance of Terra’s cozy, stunning space with a fiery grill at the heart. From fire-kissed dishes to Alpine-inspired cocktails, our experts teamed up to make Terra the perfect escape for you this winter.

Read on to learn about the stories and flavors behind each dish and cocktail you can experience again (and again) this season.


When you enter Terra, one of the first things you’ll feel is the smoked warmth from our oak-burning Italian grill. Every day, Chef Dan Bazzinotti and team skillfully harness the power of the fire and make the best flavors of each ingredient come alive.

The resulting shareable dishes on our menu are ever-changing, but the selection below has been so beloved that they’ve stayed with us since Terra opened.

Gran Tagliere

One of Chef Dan Bazzinotti’s passions is treating salumi and formaggi boards as an art form, finessing each detail to create a culinary masterpiece. His Gran Tagliere board at Terra is the ultimate showcase of the best of Eataly, Italy, and New England. From fresh mozzarella made from local Narragansett Creamery’s curd at our Salumi & Formaggi counter, to prosciutti & Parmigiano Reggiano DOP imported from Italy, to Chef Dan Bazzinotti’s housemade cacciatore pâté and porchetta di testa, this overflowing board will allow you to explore thoughtfully-curated pairings.

dan terra chef boston antipasto platter

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a traditional Florentine steak from the heart of Italy. This recipe is one of the most popular Tuscan recipes, with origins dating back to the 1500s. At Terra, we honor this recipe by using our favorite high-quality ingredients and perfected culinary technique. Creekstone Farms porterhouse steak is dry-aged in-house at Eataly (also available at our butcher counter!), slowly cooked over the fire, brushed with rosemary, served simply with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and is perfect for two to enjoy.

And don’t forget the vino pairing! Eataly Beverage Director Gregg Guertin suggests pairing the bold flavors of this classic Tuscan recipe with the bold flavors of a Tuscan bottle of 2012 La Mozza Aragone – a fruity, full-bodied Sangiovese red blend which uses Alicante, Syrah, and Carignan grapes.


Rigatoni alla Napoletana

From house-made pasta to seasonal ingredients, Terra features a range of pasta recipes throughout the year. However, one dish has remained a constant on our menu: Rigatoni alla Napoletana. This recipe incorporates a traditional pork & veal ragù recipe from Napoli, Terra’s house-smoked ricotta from producer Luigi Guffanti, Afeltra's bronze-extruded rigatoni, and iconic San Marzano tomatoes. The combination of a classic Italian recipe with a touch of flavor from the wood-fired grill has made this dish a popular favorite and staple at Terra.

terra rigatoni napoletana

Cuore di Lattuga

When people ask Chef Dan for his opinion on Terra's best dish, he surprises everyone with his answer: Cuore di Lattuga – a little gem salad grilled over the fire with sweet garlic vermouth dressing and Cipollini onions. This signature Terra dish marries sweet and savory flavors together along with a crispy, smoky bite from the grill's flames.  "During a season when many people want to eat light, this is one of the best salads you'll get in Boston," says Chef Dan.

cuore di lattuga terra

Ready to get a taste? See the menus and book your reservation on OpenTable here.


There are few things better in the wintertime than warming up with seasonal cocktails in-hand. Our all-new cocktail menu at Terra, curated by Beverage Director Gregg Guertin, is designed to take you on a trip to the snowy northern Italy without stepping a foot outside of Boston.

Each drink on the menu is named after, and draws inspiration from, renowned Italian ski resorts and towns located in the Alps. Our beverage team shakes, stirs, and manifests that inspiration into an array of hand-crafted cocktails featuring Alpine amaros and vermouths from the drinks’ namesake regions.

Coupled with the Italian liqueurs is fresh winter citrus, a perfect combination according to Gregg. “We want people to feel refreshed after sipping on our selection of in-season citrus paired with warming flavors from the bold Italian liqueurs—even during the longest of winter days. Each of these drinks’ flavor profiles are meant to be crisp, light, and reminiscent of Alpine air,” says Gregg.

Explore Terra's winter cocktails menu!


Let’s face it. There is nothing better than a quick escape from the dropping temperatures to a stunning, cozy space. While you’re at Terra enjoying our staple dishes and seasonal cocktails, sit back and relax in the magical ambiance of our rooftop oasis. With each trip, you'll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on a cold New England day!

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