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Terra Is Open!

Terra Is Open!

Rejoice! After months of anticipation, Terra is finally open on the third floor of Eataly Boston.

Overlooking our bustling marketplace, the dining room centers around a wood-burning Italian grill, connecting you with the elements of earth and fire — right in the heart of the city.

“Fire is the first big invention of humankind,” explains Nicola Farinetti, our CEO at Eataly USA. “Thanks to fire, we were able to improve our lives, defend ourselves from wild animals, keep warm, and start cooking. With Terra, we are going back to the very essential, to primordial cooking.

"We want to rekindle that very fundamental connection with Mother Earth that somehow we lost along the way, and cooking by fire does exactly that.”

Celebrating this connection, Chef Dan Bazzinotti cooks over open flames, transforming simple, earthy ingredients into playful, plentiful dishes to share around the restaurant’s rustic tables.


When you find yourself at Terra, start your experience with the skewers. Share an order of spring spiedini with perfectly charred asparagus, lamb meatballs, pork sausage, or calamari; move forward into an array of bruschette, taglieri, or pasta. Plates for the table, such as marinated grilled sirloin steak, grilled quail, and assorted fried seafood, are best enjoyed together.

The seasonal food menu pairs perfectly with the ever-changing drink selection, including herb-infused cocktails, rare wine terroirs, and barrel-aged beers poured on tap and crafted in small batches in the nearby Barrel Room.

"For me, Terra will be a very sensory experience: the aroma of the grill throughout the restaurant, the taste of the barrel-aged beer on tap, wood burning and popping, cocktails shaking with my jam playing in the background," Chef Dan describes. "Terra will have a vibe all its own.”


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