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Celebrate Spring at Eataly Boston

Celebrate Spring at Eataly Boston

Have you savored your first taste of sweet spring peas? Maybe the tangy first bite of the season's first batch of goat cheese. Celebrate a fresh start to the season with our selection of peak seasonal produce in New England, from asparagus and artichokes to fresh goat cheeses, fish, and more.




We know – the amount of fresh produce, seasonal fish, and first pick of spring cheeses can be overwhelming. Check out our guide to seasonal produce below (cooking tips included!), then make your market haul list.

spring seasonal produce

A sure sign of spring, look for stalks that are firm, not floppy, with moist white bottoms and tightly clenched heads. Pro tip: keep an eye out for special varieties like Dutch White Asparagus and Purple Asparagus, too. Snap off the woody bottom wherever it naturally breaks, then toss these tender stalks with extra virgin olive oil & roast, or use in your next risotto.

The edible bulb of the thistle plant, artichokes are a must-have on the Italian table. These bulbous vegetables require some prep, but the result is always worth it. Check out how to clean and trim and artichoke, then make a classic side dish of Carciofi alla Romana.

globe artichokes

Crack open these thick, cottony pods to reveal a bright green, tender bean inside! Peel each bean, then blanch in boiling water. Once cooked, you can remove the translucent casing to get to the delicious bean inside. Our cooking move? Toss into your next tomato sauce, or smash and enjoy with ricotta on crostini.

Bring your next meal out of its shell with our selection of seasonal peas, from crunchy and sweet snap peas to the tender English variety. Snap peas are best enjoyed fresh and raw, or even work well in Pinzimonio, a classic raw vegetable salad. Picking up English peas instead? Get our recipe for Crostini con Piselli.

morel mushrooms

You're bound to find a few chef picks in our produce section, too. Think: meaty morel mushrooms, garlicky ramps, whimsical fiddlehead ferns, to name just a few. These foraged beauties are only around for a few weeks each year – follow us on Instagram to make sure you see when they hit our shelves.


It's not just produce that's seasonal, amici. Did you know that cheese, fish, and meat have their prime seasons, too?

Our dairies follow traditional farming practices with small herds that give birth in the spring, and the farmers use this prized new milk for cheesemaking (after the calves and lambs have had their fill, of course). The taste is unparalleled: now that the cows, goats, and sheep are back out to pasture, you can taste the tangy, herbaceous notes of the fresh grass, clover, and hay that the animals eat. Pair our picks like Nonno Nanni Squaquerello or Stracchino with a fresh salad and piadina (and your favorite Italian wines, of course).

Shopping cart with Italian wine and cheeses

Truly the first sign of spring in U.S. waters, these delicate and delicious crabs are harvested when they molt and before they get their new shell. Be sure to ask our fishmongers about their favorite ways to prepare this fresh catch.

After a long winter, Cook's Venture sends their chickens back out to pasture, where they feed on grass, bugs, and hay. You'll notice that the flavor profile improves in this particular season thanks to this fresh diet and healthy environment. Pick up your cuts at our butcher counter, then get our recipe for Pollo alla Cacciatora, a tasty hunter-style chicken from Toscana.

Cook's Venture pasture-raised chickens


The bright colors and flavors of the season pair perfectly with the unfiltered, unaltered taste profiles of organic, natural, and biodynamic wines – from fresh white wines perfect for in-season seafood to orange wines with roast pork or peak produce like artichokes and asparagus, to light and bright reds that go with just about anything. (Still fuzzy on what makes a wine "natural"? Get our guide here.) Ask our wine experts for their favorite bottles, then shop our picks on sale all month, both at our wine shop and on Eatalyvino.com.


Wine and flowers at SERRA by Birreria, Eataly's seasonal restaurant in nyc


Looking to freshen up your kitchen routine? The good news is that ingredients in their prime shine with simple recipes that bring out their full, fresh flavor. Get our best spring recipes on Eataly Magazine, then shop all the ingredients in-store or for local delivery on Instacart and Mercato.

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