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Celebrate Pizza & Pasta at Eataly Boston

Celebrate Pizza & Pasta at Eataly Boston

It's official – from May 13 to 23, Eataly Boston is celebrating two of Italy's most beloved dishes: pizza and pasta. Discover our tastings, specials, and classes below!


At Eataly, we love all regional Italian pizza equally, from northern Liguria’s focaccia alla Genovese to southern Campania’s pizza alla Napoletana.  However, one of our personal favorites is Lazio’s pizza alla pala. Created in Roma, this long oval flatbread boasts a thick, airy crust. It's baked in an electric oven, cut into slices, served on a wooden pala, or “paddle.”

Try our newly-launched flavors featuring seasonal ingredients like squash blossoms at our La Panetteria counter!

Discover daily tastings of pizza alla pala in our marketplace until May 23.

Pizza alla Pala_press event


Take your love for pizza and pasta to new heights! Learn more at one of our cooking classes focused around these Italian classics:

Back to Basics: Fresh Pasta 101 | May 14

Sip & Savor: Beer and Wine with Pizza alla Pala | May 20

Back to Basics: Tuscan Sauce | May 21



We only have one secret for creating the best pizza and pasta at home: high-quality ingredients. Explore our marketplace to discover our selection housemade specialties and imported ingredients from Italy. From hand-stretched mozzarella at our cheese counter to housemade pizza dough at our bakery, our selection will give you everything you need to make the perfect Italian meal at home. Did we mention we also sell wine? Pick up a bottle (or two) from our Wine Shop on your way out!

Get inspired at La Pizza & La Pasta—our restaurant centered around the Italian classics. Make a reservation on OpenTable for an authentic feast!

La Pizza & La Pasta Restaurant

Visit Eataly to celebrate your love for pizza or pasta (or both!) from May 13 to 23.