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L'Orto at La Cucina

L'Orto at La Cucina

We are bringing fresh spring herbs from the garden to your table at our new pop-up restaurant taking over La Cucina, the rotating-concept corner in La Piazza.

L'Orto, which translates to "herb garden" in Italian, celebrates the vibrant flavors of basil, rosemary, and beyond through simple yet innovative Italian dishes. As you breathe in the fragrant aromas, taste the herbs in fresh new recipes, such as Carciofi Fritti (fried artichokes with Pecorino Romano and parsley), Pesce Spada (swordfish with lemon, oregano, and parsley), and Filetto (filet mignon with thyme).

Pair your herbal dishes with our complete drink menu, which includes botanical cocktails, regional Italian wines, and more. Ask your sommelier for the best seasonal pairings!

Ready to experience for yourself? Explore the menu for L'Orto in Cucina.

Buon appetito!