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Eataly Tales: Grana Padano tasting

Eataly Tales: Grana Padano tasting

Our motto is " Shop. Eat. Learn." and there is indeed so much to learn about this incredible iconic Italian product: Grana Padano.

Grana Padano is one of the world's first hard cheeses, created nearly 900 years ago by the Cistercian  monks of Chiaravalle Abbey, founded in 1135 near Milan. The name comes from the Italian word  grana which denotes cheese with a characteristically grainy texture, and the adjective Padano, which refers to the Po Valley Plain area of northern Italy, the only place where the milk used for this cheese can be from. A wheel of Grana Padano is cylindrical and weighs 53 to 88 lbs: pretty big chunk of cheese!

Definitely enough for every Eatalian who will come to our free demo and tasting on Saturday, March 18 at 4.00pm at our Salumi and Formaggi counter! Come for a taste, a chat and maybe a few more interesting facts on this historical cheese.

No need to register for Eataly Tales! The demonstrations and tastings are free and open to all.

Buon divertimento!