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Celebrate Easter at Eataly Boston

Celebrate Easter at Eataly Boston

In Italy, we have a popular saying: “Natale con i tuoi e Pasqua con chi vuoi,” or, “Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whomever you like.”

This year, come celebrate Easter with your amici at Eataly Boston!


Our butcher works with sustainable ranches to get lamb that is pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grain-finished. Pick up classic Easter cuts, get our recipe for roast lamb, and set the table with the finest picks.

Prefer seafood at your gatherings? Stop by our fish counter and chat with our fishmongers for our locally-sourced, fresh selections. Be sure to come stock up at our special Fish Auction on April 19 from 5-5:45 p.m. right by the counter — bidding starts at wholesale prices!

Visit one of our counters to place your pre-order or call 617.807.7300 until April 17.



How do you say "tradition" in Italian? Answer: Colombe! Every year, we eagerly anticipate the return of la colomba di Pasqua, or the “Easter dove.” Baked in Milano, these artisanal cakes are a must-have on your Easter table! Learn all about our Colomba festivities.

And don't forget our huge selection of chocolates! Easter means you can leave chocolate in every room and call it “decoration.” Both beautiful and delicious, our artisanal confections from Italy will step up your Easter basket game.

colombe colomba easter cake


Don't feel like cooking this Easter? We've got you, amici. Whether you're soaking up the elements at Terra or enjoying a traditional Italian meal at La Pizza & La Pasta, the perfect restaurant at Eataly awaits.

Book a table at one of our restaurants today!


Don't forget to pick up wine during your Easter festivities! Visit our Wine Shop and ask our experts for their pairing suggestions.