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Dedicated to the Sea and its Food

Dedicated to the Sea and its Food

"And seas but join the regions they divide." — Alexander Pope, 18th-century English poet

Each Eataly store in the world is dedicated to a theme: a piece of history, an influential person, an idea. (Eataly Roma is an homage to beauty, Eataly Smeraldo in Milano to music, Eataly Istanbul to history.)

We decided to dedicate Eataly Boston to the sea and its food, sharing a taste of the waters that unite all lands – and cultures — across the globe. The sea represents constant change and discovery, always covering the same ground with different parts. During the Middle Ages, the Mediterranean made Italy into the international trading hub and developed our cultural heritage; Boston was founded by seafaring pilgrims just a couple of centuries later. Like a promise of the New World, the food of the sea feels daring but comforting, novel yet somehow familiar.

Just as the ocean harmonizes millions of species, so too does it connect the numerous cultures that make up the human race. Not only does the sea provide us with food, but it also bridges the world, allowing us to see one another.

Today, as we gather round the table for seafood, we are reminded of our shared voyage, from sea to shining sea.

pesce seafood boston
In Boston, we'll be in good company. The cuisine in New England has traditionally had an emphasis on seafood. Accordingly, Eataly Boston has set high standards for our premium selection: freshness and quality, seasonality and traceability, and attention to local communities.

The majority of the seafood is from New England: we have partnered with local purveyors that work directly with day-boat, troller, long-liner, and harpoon fishermen who seek abundant, seasonal fish in the wild. While lesser known, these species are just as delicious, like porgy (pictured below).

Upon entering Eataly Boston, you will be invited to dive into local seafood culture with a prominent display depicting the New England fishing community and different varieties of local fish. Across the store, there will be special seafood dishes in the restaurants, tastings in the market, cooking classes in La Scuola di Eataly by Valcucine, and special events throughout the year.

grilled fish - porgy 3

To taste the seafood for yourself, visit Eataly Boston!