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Il Tartufo in La Piazza

Il Tartufo in La Piazza

When you plan your trip around Eataly Boston, be sure to schedule a stop at Il Tartufo, our pop-up truffle restaurant in La Piazza. Open through January (or whenever truffle season ends!), Il Tartufo serves regional Italian recipes topped with fresh shavings of prized white truffles from Alba. 

At Eataly, we source all of our fresh truffles from Urbani, one of the world's leading truffle purveyors. Led by brothers Bruno and Paolo Urbani, the company sources truffles from central and northern Italy according to the season, then delivers the precious shipment to our door less than 48 hours after they were harvested.

Right now, we are in the heart of white truffle season — the most prized of all truffles. Through January, trained hunters flock to Alba, a small township in Piemonte, to hunt the earthy, aromatic ingredient by following traditional methods.

Il Tartufo is the current carnation of La Cucina, a rotating-concept corner in La Piazza dedicated to regional Italian cooking.

Explore the menu now, and plan your visit!

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