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Fall for Maritozzi

Fall for Maritozzi

Indulge like a Roman this spring with maritozzi, sweet buns filled with whipped cream. 

This decadent Roman pastry is a playful take on the word marito, Italian for "husband." The creation legends behind maritozzi go two ways. One tale tells us that young women would make the pastries to attract a husband. The other is that young grooms-to-be presented them to their fiancées.

You can decide which is real; either way, it's too sweet not to indulge! Maritozzi are staples in every pastry shop in Roma — and since we've transformed our store into the Eternal City, also Eataly!

Find the treats at Caffè Vergnano every day until June 4. Try one, and don't forget to get another for your present/future/possible spouse. (Or keep both for yourself: we won't tell!)

Buon appetito!


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