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Just like Nando Fiorentini, our pescivendolo (fishmonger) in Torino, the fishmongers at Eataly Boston do not sleep until they find the finest seafood. Rest assured: our seafood is always fresh and sustainably sourced.

But our fishmongers don’t stop at quality: we care about where our fish comes from and the people who catch it. We work with sustainable fishermen and distributors from our local markets, including John Nagle Co., Island Creek Oysters, Red’s Best, and Wulf’s. Providing traceability, these regional partners help ensure that our seafood is caught in ways that consider the long-term vitality of the species and the oceans. This means the best seafood for you, New England fishermen, and the world.


When you buy or eat designated fish in our market or restaurants, you’ll earn a rewards stamp. Collect nine stamps, and get 10% off your next purchase.

The designated fish are among the most abundant, seasonal fish caught in the wild, such as porgy. While lesser known, these species are just as delicious. When you choose these “eligible” fish at Eataly, you support the fishermen — and we want to reward your good choices!