• Preserves & Honey

    The tradition of creating preserves and honey is rich in Italy. Though they are primarily used as sweet spreads on toast in the morning, these sweet spreads can also be paired with cheese and salumi, like our chefs do every day in La Piazza. Continue reading

  • Sauces & Condiments

    Our sauces and condiments preserve the highest quality ingredients to perfection. Following traditional methods, each sauce is expertly cooked and ready for your table; our condiments are the perfect addition to any meal. Continue reading

  • Vinegar

    Eataly offers a variety of vinegars: our selection spans from red to white to the most aged balsamic. While the heart of vinegar production lies in Modena in the region of Emilia-Romagna, neighboring Reggio-Emilia offers a small production, and producers like Ponti are based in Piemonte. Continue reading

  • Sweets

    At Eataly, we work with the best brands that Italy has to offer for our selection of candies, cookies, and chocolates. Our artisanal producers are rich in history and incorporate the highest quality regional ingredients, such as IGP hazelnuts from Le Langhe, Piemonte. Continue reading

  • Fruits & Vegetables

    Our produce department features fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables carefully sourced from regional farmers, including Ward's Berry Farm and Wilson Farm in Massachusetts, in addition to unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. Continue reading

  • Butcher Counter

    At Eataly, we source our meat from clean, sustainable farms and ranches where the animals graze daily in open pastures and are humanely handled, including Chickering Farms, NH; Creekstone Farms, KS; and Snake River Farms, ID. Continue reading

  • Mozzarella

    Every day, our experts make fresh mozzarella (and, on special occasions, its creamy sisters, stracciatella and burrata) by hand right in front of you, transforming local curd into light, flavorful cheese. Discover the age-old process at the mozzarella lab, enjoy the same fresh cheese in our restaurants, and then take some home with you! Continue reading

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