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Fish Auction at Eataly Boston

Fish Auction at Eataly Boston

“Five clams, 10 clams, do I hear 20?” For one day only, you can bid on your seafood dinner!

That’s right. Nodding to Good Friday — when Italians traditionally eat seafood instead of meat — we are holding our second bustling fish auction right in the heart of our market on Friday, March 30, from 5-5:45 p.m.!

Bring your A game because we’re going to be auctioning off the highest quality seafood at incredible prices, starting at wholesale value. Before beginning the bidding process, our energetic auctioneer will describe each fish, from the dock to the auction block. Judging by the season (yes, fish is seasonal, too), we will be offering a variety of species, from cod to baby octopus to snapper.

Early on March 30, we will receive the morning's delivery of fresh seafood from John Nagle Co.a Boston-based distributor that has been bringing quality seafood to New England since 1887. The family-run company continues to be committed to their century-old traditions and values within the seafood industry, working with small-scale fisheries that follow sustainable and traditional practices considering the long-term vitality of the species and the oceans.

So, when you bring home your winnings, you will be supporting a better environment — for the fishermen, your dinner, and beyond.

Let the bidding begin! No need to register for our fish auction; standing room and paddles are first come, first served. holiday seafood fest fish

Once you win your prized seafood, check out our guide to filleting a whole fish!