• Le Torte di Eataly

    Every day, our pastry team bakes, assembles, and decorates an assortment of torte, or cakes. Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu was trained in Torino, Italy, the home of Eataly’s pastry program. In keeping with Italian tradition, her team pays meticulous attention to the quality of Eataly’s creations, selecting only the finest ingredients from Italy and the United States.
  • Il Gelato

    In Italy, gelato is appropriate in any season and at any time of day. Every day, our gelato counter serves a fresh selection of creamy gelato and dairy-free sorbetto.

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  • Cannoli Cart

    Designed by Eataly, our cannoli cart located at our Prudential Center entrance offers a selection of authentic Sicilian cannoli. Our pastry chef will fill your cannolo right before your eyes, customized with your preferred filling and toppings (think: sweet ricotta topped with chocolate chips)!

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  • La Pasticceria e Venchi

    Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu was trained in Torino, Italy, the home of Eataly’s pastry program. Every day, she and her team create typical Italian pastries, cakes, and gelato that are as beautiful as they are delicious. From rich chocolates to bite-sized pasticcini to beautifully-crafted cakes, indulge in the sweet side of being Italian.

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  • La Panetteria

    Every day, our bakers create an abundant selection of sweet and savory focaccia and pizza alla pala following regional Italian recipes. Pizza alla pala is a favorite street food from Rome. This thick-crust pizza is named for the wooden “pala,” or paddle, on which it is served. All of these traditional Italian snacks are topped with a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients, making them easy to enjoy while shopping.

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  • Le Insalate

    Our salad bar features only the freshest and finest selections of local and Italian ingredients. At Eataly, we believe in the magic that comes with combining authentic Italian and local flavors.
  • I Panini

    Our sandwich counter offers a selection of traditional hot and cold Italian panini for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and all ingredients are sourced directly from our store: the fresh produce department, salumi and formaggi counter, and bakery.

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