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Cannoli Bar

Cannoli Bar

Our Cannoli Bar is currently closed. Be sure to check out our Cannoli Cart at the mall entrance of the store (open on weekends)! Enjoy made-to-order crunchy hand-rolled cannoli shells filled right before your eyes with a choice of sweet ricotta infused with traditional ingredients, from chocolate to pistachio. Complete your cannoli experience with high-quality toppings and wine pairings.


From the inside out, our cannoli are made with the highest quality ingredients, starting with the shells by Golden Cannoli™. For more than 30 years, their team has been perfecting their hand-rolled and quick-fried shells in their pastry kitchen in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Then, we fill the shells with sweet ricotta, a rich and creamy cheese made by the family-run Calabro in Connecticut. This filling is flavored with traditional ingredients, from toasted pistachios to dark chocolate. For the final touch, we roll the cannolo in high-quality toppings sourced from Italy and New England.

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