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Easter at Eataly Boston

Easter at Eataly Boston

In Italy, we have a popular saying: “Natale con i tuoi e Pasqua con chi vuoi,” or, “Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whomever you like.”

This year, come celebrate Easter with your amici at Eataly Boston!


Baked by artisans in Milano, colombe are must-have on your Easter table. These colorful cakes are rich, fluffy, and shaped like a dove. In other words: colombe will make you forget all about any egg hunts.

And have we mentioned our selection of chocolates? Easter means you can leave chocolate in every room and call it “decoration.” Both beautiful and delicious, our artisanal confections from New York and Italy are the perfect decor for kids and adults alike.



Our butcher works with sustainable ranches to get lamb that is pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grain-finished. Pick up classic Easter cuts, get our recipe for roast lamb, and set the table.

Through March 29, you can pre-order your favorite grass-fed lamb cuts, from racks to shanks. See the selection here, then call our butcher at 617.807.7300 to reserve your table.

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Ever wanted to attend a real-life fish auction? Nodding to Good Friday — when Italians traditionally eat seafood instead of meat — we are holding a bustling fish auction right in the heart of our market on Thursday, March 29, at 5:30 p.m., in partnership with our seafood partner, Seafood Merchants. 

Get ready to bid!

roast lamb

Want to experience Easter in Italy? Explore our Pasqua specials in the restaurants!