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7 Reasons to Toast at Eataly Boston

7 Reasons to Toast at Eataly Boston

Colorful foliage, crisp air, hearty feasts — some of life’s best moments happen in the fall.

In other words: MORE REASONS TO DRINK!

This fall, we’re dedicating Eataly Boston to wine (and beer and cider and spirits, of course). We've rounded up seven of our favorite fall things that give us an excuse to keep celebrating. Bottoms up!


Come for the wine...stay for the food.

When you eat in season, fruits and vegetables taste better and cost less. And right now, we're in the heart of la raccolta, the fall harvest! In Italy and the U.S., farmers and artisans have been working tirelessly to fill our plates and glasses with the riches of the land.

Eataly Boston partners with local farmers, such as Ward's Berry Farm and Wilson Farm, so you can dig into rich dishes, such as grilled chicorymushroom risotto, and butternut squash ravioli. For best results, pair with premium wines, craft beers, and local ciders.




Come for the wine...stay for the Barolo.

Yes, we want you to toast to more wine! Lauded as the "King of Wines and Wine of Kings," Barolo is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, a prized varietal grown in certified areas in the northern region of Piemonte. Across the world, the complex red wine is renowned for its bold flavors and graceful aging.

And guess what? We are celebrating Barolo Weeks from October 16 to 29, featuring Fontanafredda's best bottles in our restaurants, wine shop, and beyond.




Come for the wine...stay for the risotto.

Forget a simple toast: we could write an ode to risotto. Comforting yet elegant, simple but complex — it's only fitting that risotto was created during the Renaissance, when swamps near Milano were transformed into rice paddies.

Get our guide to making the perfect risotto at home, or join us for a satisfying plate (tip: look for our risotto dishes in our restaurants!).

We'll drink to that!

Le Verdure Risotto


Come for the wine...stay for the sweets.

Halloween is around the corner! Sure, we're Italian, but we can get behind any holiday dedicated to sweets. We're not talking just any dolci, though: we want rich dark chocolates, crunchy artisanal candies, and freshly-baked pastries.

Leave the tricks at the door, and get treats in our market! (Extra points for throwing a chocolate tasting party: here's how.)

Treat yourself!



Come for the wine...stay for the pasta.

Let's raise a glass to pasta! Pasta always has your back, whether you are dining at your favorite restaurant, throwing a dinner party, or in need of a quick after-work meal. Pasta pairs with everyone and everything, from gluten-free and vegetarian folks (we see you, chickpea penne!) to smooth sauces and rich ragùs.

From dishes to ingredients, get the best pasta at Eataly anytime. And stay tuned because an actual pasta festa may be headed your way.

Here's to you, pasta!



Come for the wine...stay for the truffles.

Right now, deep in the forests of central and northern Italy, truffles are reaching perfection. Expert truffle hunters and their trained dogs are getting ready to dig, and Urbani is prepping transportation to deliver the freshly-harvested tubers to your table.

They're coming, folks. While we wait, learn every last delicious detail about truffles in our guide. Then, get ready for a truffle pop-up (details to come!).

Let the hunt begin!



Come for the Barolo...stay for the pairings.

Since the days of the ancient Etruscans, the harvest in Italy has centered around one theme: feasting! Revel in the fall bounty, revel in the crisp leaves, revel in whatever you want — it's party time.

This fall, join us for a "vertical" wine tasting on October 17! Terra will host members from Fontanafredda, one of Italy’s most prominent and historic Barolo producers. Throughout the evening, you will enjoy tastes of their top vintages paired with our chef's beautifully paired four-course menu. Snag your tickets — space is limited!

Bottoms up!

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