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Per La Tavola: An Interview with Chef Dan Bazzinotti of Terra

Per La Tavola: An Interview with Chef Dan Bazzinotti of Terra

Boston, allow us to introduce you to a fire-kissed addition to the Terra experience: Per la Tavola. Meaning "for the table" in Italian, Per La Tavola is our all-new, ever-changing board of shareable wood-fired spiedini (skewers) curated by Executive Chef Dan Bazzinotti.

Want to learn more about our newest grilled-to-perfection spread? Eataly Magazine editors went into all the details with a one-on-one interview with top Boston Chef Bazzinotti. Book your table at Terra to try the spread out for yourself.


How did you come up with Per La Tavola? 

Per La Tavola means "for the table." When I created this concept, I went back to the idea of when you have the most fun at the table. And the best moments are when you have a table full of smoke-kissed bites that people are sharing and passing around. Per La Tavola is the perfect definition of a fun, lively, shareable Terra moment.

Why does Per La Tavola revolve around spiedini?

For both our chefs and guests, the spiedini, or skewers, section is a really fun part of the menu. We can get creative by utilizing a ton of ingredients and putting them on a stick. And everyone loves "stuff on a stick" – it's easy to pass, easy to share, looks really cool, and there are so many variations of things you can do. Plus, at Terra, we try to work with local producers and showcase their products...and it all comes together on this one board.

So, let's break this board down. Tell us about the different types of skewers we'll see.

There's a huge spread of skewers, but let's start with the Terra classics. The board includes four signature spiedini that have been on the menu since we opened: housemade sausage, Calabrian-style beef heart served over smoking coals from a fire, fresh Gulf shrimp marinated with herbs and lemon, and our very popular king oyster mushrooms with a roasted garlic marinade and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Then we have another set of four skewers...

What does that next set of skewers look like?

These next four skewers will be an ever-changing selection – especially from season-to-season. They'll feature seasonal vegetables, no-waste ingredients, and staples from our marketplace. We are running a restaurant right inside Eataly, so we make the most of it – the best catch from our marketplace's fish counter hits the grill, or a local cheese from our formaggi counter will get thrown on the fire. As for no-waste ingredients, these are things that might normally get tossed – but at Eataly, we're all about zero waste and using every ingredient from root to shoot. And last but not least, we have our showstopper skewers.

What do these "showstopper" skewers entail?

The showstopper bombette is what shines, standing tall at the center of the board. Bombette are a Pugliese street food of pounded-out pork loin, filled with salumi and Pecorino Romano DOP, rolled onto skewers, grilled, then brushed tableside with an herb-infused extra virgin olive oil. The entire board also comes with a side of our classic Cuore di Lattuga, or little gem salad.

What is the best way to enjoy Per La Tavola?

Per La Tavola is meant for sharing, and we suggest using it as a way to kick off your meal before the rest of your entrees arrive. That way, you can get the best of Terra all in one shot.

And the most important question: how can guests enjoy Per La Tavola?

Book a table! Come up to Terra, say ciao, and try out Per La Tavola for yourself. It's cool, it's ever-changing, and in a nutshell: it's the ultimate Terra showcase.


Ready to get a taste of Per La Tavola? Make your reservation at Terra today.