HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! - Kick off summer in style with our special offer on Italy’s best al fresco food and drink. Get the details!

Boston Stories

  • Eataly Boston Is Hiring

    Attenzione, butchers, bakers, mozzarella makers — Eataly Boston is hiring in our market, restaurants, and beyond! Bring your unique skills to the table, and share your love for food and drink with the world.

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  • Meat Auction

    Ready to be the most popular person around the grill on Memorial Day? Hint: all you need is a speedy paddle arm and a drive for dry-aged beef.  Continue reading

  • Grill Week at Eataly Boston

    In time for your Memorial Day festivities, we have declared Grill Week! Join us from May 22-28 for 30% off prime cuts at our butcher counter.
  • Eataly Amici

    Attenzione, Prudential Center employees!

    Will you be our friends? At Eataly Boston, we're proud to be located in the heart of the Pru alongside such great neighbors. Plus — Italians always want more friends.  Continue reading

  • Fall for Maritozzi

    Indulge like a Roman this spring with maritozzi, the sweet buns filled with whipped cream.
  • Eat as the Romans Do at Eataly Boston

    Channel your inner Roman at Eataly this spring!

    Take a long lunch — and go ahead and splurge on that glass of wine. You might get fired, but who cares? You're in Roma! After enjoying satisfying Roman dishes at our pop-up restaurant, find the same ingredients in the market, and recreate the experience at home with simple regional recipesContinue reading

  • Campo de' Fiori

    This month, visit the Campo de' Fiori pop-up restaurant in La Piazza at Eataly Boston for modern Roman dishes, wines, and more. Discover the menu!

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