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Aperitivo in La Piazza

Aperitivo in La Piazza

Want to leave your workday behind? Take a trip to a vibrant Italian piazza with Aperitivo at Eataly Boston!

Our after-work social hour will help you get to the heart of what “aperitivo” means in Italy. Originally, it was considered a healthy way to whet the appetite with sparkling drinks and small bites before dinner. These days, aperitivo has become a favorite ritual: most evenings, Italians gather in the piazza after work to enjoy food, wine, and conversation heading home to dine.

Now, you and your amici can experience aperitivo in our own Piazza every Monday through Friday from 4-6 p.m. at La Piazza! This month we're featuring a special half-bottle of sparkling Ferrari Brut for $19, $10 red and white wines, and $10 Ramona Spritz paired with $1 Island Creek oysters.

Ready to join the tradition? Plan your visit to La Piazza.

We'll cheers to that. Salute!

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