L'Ancora in Cucina

L'Ancora in Cucina

Set sail through the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea for a journey at L’Ancora, our newest pop-up restaurant in La Piazza and an exclusive collaboration with Chef Michael Schlow.

For centuries, the cuisines of Italy’s port cities embraced international ingredients brought over by Italian trade ships. Now you can drop your ancora (anchor) and discover the enticing culinary results of exploration and global influence without leaving the shores of Boston.

The new restaurant showcases time-honored, internationally-influenced recipes served with a modern twist. As you set sail on a culinary journey, savor the saffron-infused Arancini Siciliani inspired by the middle east, learn how and why eggplant and tomatoes came to Italy with the Caponata, and enjoy freshly caught yellowfin tuna on a bed of African-influenced pasta called fregola.

Pair your worldly dishes with our complete drink menu, which includes botanical cocktails, regional Italian wines, and more. Ask your sommelier for the best seasonal pairings!

Ready to experience for yourself? Explore the menu for L'Ancora in Cucina.

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Happy sailing and buon appetito!