TOSCANA - Meet the artists and artisans behind Tuscan food and art ― especially the food. Get the details!


  • How to Get in the Easter Spirit

    In three simple steps, find the Easter spirit: 1) get festive with Italian "colombe" cakes, 2) decorate with artisanal chocolate bunnies, and 3) pre-order prime meat for your feast.
  • Counting Sheep in Toscana

    Discover the story behind sheep's milk cheese through the ancient Tuscan tradition of transumanza, seasonal migration. 
  • Pinzimonio

    Spring has finally arrived, bringing along armfuls of our favorite produce. To celebrate the fresh flavor, reach for pinzimonio, a Tuscan salad featuring seasonal vegetables.

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  • Boston Unveils Barrel Room

    Enjoy a sneak peek of the Barrel Room, a unique space pouring barrel-aged beers and wines on Eataly Boston's yet-unseen third floor, before it opens with Terra on April 4.
  • Eat Better, Fish Better

    At Eataly, we support sustainable fishing, and you can, too. When you buy or eat designated local fish in our market, you’ll earn a stamp on your rewards card!
  • Discover Firenze

    Explore the artistic and culinary heritage of Firenze with our travel guide! Find out what to know, where to go, and – our favorite – what to eat and drink.
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