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  • Barolo through the Ages

    Known around the world as “the king of wines,” Barolo is a timeless wine with a story as rich as its nickname. Get a taste during Barolo Week(s) from October 16 to 29!
  • Halloween Chocolates by EMVI

    Tis the season to step up your sweets game. Enter: the EMVI Halloween collection of artisanal chocolate treats, handcrafted in the U.S.!
  • Experience the Cannoli Counter

    Get a taste of cannoli and wine at Eataly Boston's cannoli counter, located by the Boylston St. entrance. Explore the sweet menu, and plan your visit!
  • A Better Lunch Break

    Spice up your afternoon break with lunch specials at Il Pesce, our seafood-centric restaurant headed up by Chef Barbara Lynch. Explore the new prix-fixe menu!
  • Wine Wednesday

    Vino lovers, enjoy a mid-week treat with Wine Wednesdays. From 5-9 p.m., we'll pour wines by the glass from rare, larger-than-life bottles (think: three liters)!
  • Eat Better, Save Better

    At Eataly, we want you to taste all the high-quality food and drink that we love, so we are now offering a curated selection at special prices, only through October 29. Continue reading

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