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  • The Milk Behind the Cheese

    What type of milk is in your cheese and how does it affect its flavor? Get the guide to discover different types of milk and the cheeses they produce.
  • Perfecting Lo Spaghetto di Eataly

    What's the secret to Eataly's spaghetto al pomodoro? Our editors sat down with Eataly NYC Flatiron's Executive chef to learn more about how each ingredient was chosen.
  • Aperitivo in La Piazza

    Take a trip to a vibrant square in Italy during our new after-work social hour! Enjoy $1 oysters and featured drinks in La Piazza every weekday.
  • Barolo through the Ages

    Known around the world as “the king of wines,” Barolo is a timeless wine with a story as rich as its nickname. Get a taste during Barolo Week(s) from October 22 to November 4!
  • Catering at Eataly Boston

    Planning an event? We are ready to cater any occasion, from early meetings in the office to memorable dinners at home.
  • Eataly Wine Club

    Want to be the first to discover the top wines this spring? Join the (wine) club. Become a member today!
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