BRING HOME AN ITALIAN - Show you know better, and give the gift of food. Explore holiday gifts!


  • Bring Home Cannoli

    Bring home an Italian (cannoli!) from the cannoli counter, featuring the Sicilian treat in an array of flavors with regional wine pairings.
  • Warm up with Polenta

    Warm up with hearty polenta, a northern Italian staple designed to warm you to your toes, at the pop-up Polenta Bar. Explore the menu!
  • Party with Wine Wednesday

    Party like an Italian during Wine Wednesdays. From 5-9 p.m., we'll pour wines by the glass from rare, larger-than-life bottles (think: three liters)!
  • Vin Brulé

    In the Italian Alps, the holiday season isn't complete without a steaming glass of mulled wine. Try our recipe!
  • Panettoni and Pandori

    Discover the rich, fluffy, and festively-wrapped holiday cakes that Italians give for good luck. Then, find your favorite at Eataly!
  • Holiday Gift Boxes

    Bring home an Italian that's the complete package, like our overflowing gift boxes. Snag a ready-to-go collection, or build your own!
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