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Trentingrana DOP 0.5 lb

Trentingrana DOP 0.5 lb

Gruppo Trentina

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Trentingrana DOP is a typical hard cow's milk cheese produced in the mountainous Trentino-Alto Adige region of Northern Italy. This unique style of cheese and traditional method dates back to early 1900s, when a young Trentino boy living in the Pianura Padana learned the secrets of grana-style cheese production. Carrying this know-how with him upon his return home, creating what is now known as Trentingrana. Pair with fig jam on your next antipasto platter for a savory-sweet aperitivo.

Gruppo Trentingrana was formed in 1993 to protect the production and sale of Trentingrana cheese, although its origins date back to cooperatives of dairy farmers in the early 20th century. They carry out analyses of milk and milk by-products, ensuring that the dairy farmers are protected and guaranteeing that the milk and dairy products.
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Producer Gruppo Trentina