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The Milk Behind the Cheese

The Milk Behind the Cheese


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Limited to 10000 items per customer while supplies last.
Among the many components that contribute to the flavor varieties of Italian formaggi (cheeses), the main determining factor will be the type of milk used for its production. If you can't decide between complex sheep, tangy goat, or sweet cow's cheese, this bundle is here to help you try all of them! Cow's milk, among the most popular milks used for cheese, is one of the most versatile and it is used in the production of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Asiago Mezzano DOP, Provolone and the Stelvio DOP. Sheep's milk, higher in fats and protein content, gives Pecorino its typical nutty flavor. Goat's milk, known for its tangy flavor, is used in the production of the tasty Caciotta di Capra. Some are even made by mixing and matching different milks, to give us delectable cheeses such as Robiola Bosina and Canestrato. Perfect for the cheese lover in your life – or for your own antipasto platter!

This bundle includes: Caseificio Alta Langa Robiola Bosina 8.8 oz, Central Formaggi Canestrato with Truffles 0.5 lb, Perenzin Caciotta di Capra Pepe e Olio 0.5 lb, Sifor Pecorino Primo Sale with Pistachios 0.5 lb, Fulvi Pecorino Romano DOP 0.5 lb, Agriform Asiago Mezzano DOP 0.5 lb, G. Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 Month 0.5 lb, Mila Stelvio DOP 0.5 lb.
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Produced in Italy