Alto Adige Tagliere

Alto Adige Tagliere


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When one surveys the culinary landscape of Italy’s northernmost region Alto Adige, the eye is immediately drawn to its outstanding quality products. Alto Adige quality products are the result of fertile soil, living traditions, and mindful producers!

Begin by savoring formaggi from Mila. First, try the Stelvio DOP, the first and only cheese from the Alto Adige area to receive DOP designation. Made from fresh whole cow's milk, the flavor is intense and aromatic. Continue with the Alta Badia, taking its name from the valley of the Dolomite mountains where it is produced. The flavor of the cheese is intense and complex, with milky, toasted, long-lasting notes. For the perfect conclusion of your formaggi journey, try the Lagrein wine cheese: soft and creamy on the palate, its flavor is intense and complex, with milky, and buttery notes, enriched by the aromas of the Lagrein wine in which it is soaked, and the herbs and spices with which it is rubbed.

Pair your formaggi with local Speck Alto Adige IGP by Recla, a notable type of cured, cold-smoked ham made with three main ingredients: a little salt, a little smoke, and plenty of fresh mountain air.

These delicious products are at their best with a glass of a local elegant red wine, such as Lagrein or Schiava.

Enjoy being carried away by the strong and unique flavors of these Northeastern Italian specialties, while you start planning your next journey to Alto Adige.

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  • 1 x Stelvio DOP 0.5 lb - Mila
  • 1 x Speck Alto Adige IGP 5.2 oz - Recla
  • 1 x Alta Badia 0.5 lb - Mila