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Italian Coast to Coast

Italian Coast to Coast


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From the charming coastal cliffs of Liguria to the aquamarine waters of Sicilia, this curated selection of high-quality ingredients captures the flavor of the Italian coast from north to south. Taste your way through high-quality regional specialties, from the flavorful Ligurian pesto and buttery, mellow olive oil produced right in Portofino to the zesty caponata spread of Sicilia. 

San Giuliano - Cannonau Wine Vinegaro
Niasca Portofino - Ligurian Pesto and Tomato Sauce
Alta Valle Scrivia - Corzetti Pasta
Agostino Recca - Tuna Fillets
Mongetto - Hot Pepper Anchovy Sauce
Elika - Saffron
La Casa del Grano - Medium Malloreddus Pasta
Giraudi - Milk Chocolate Bar with Nuts and Candied Fruit
Olearia Fratelli Pinna - Artichoke Cream
Guerrini - Sant'andrea Rice

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