Le Sfoglie Gran Pavesi Olive Crackers 5.6 oz

Le Sfoglie Gran Pavesi Olive Crackers 5.6 oz


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Le Sfoglie Gran Pavesi Olive Crackers are light and crunchy oven-baked crackers that are only produced using few, high-quality ingredients such as premium green olives and salt.

Perfect for a mid-day snack, try them with a slice of prosciutto or paired with your favorite soft cheese.

Founded in Novara by Mario Pavesi in 1937, Pavesi finds immediate success and expands from a small bakery into large-scale production in just a few years. Launching Pavesini, a low-calorie cookie, in 1952, followed by a line of crackers in 1954, and the classic Ringo in the 60s, Pavesi established itself as a catalyst of innovation of the Italian snack. Today, Pavesi is a staple present in many Italian pantries.

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