Gran Pavesi Reduced Salt Crackers 8.8 oz

Gran Pavesi Reduced Salt Crackers 8.8 oz


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First produced in 1955, the Gran Pavesi Cracker was the first cracker to ever be made in Italy. Known for their crunchy texture, these savory Gran Pavesi Reduced Salt Crackers are produced with only a few, high-quality ingredients, and a reduced amount of salt.

Perfect for a mid-day snack, try them with a slice of prosciutto or paired with your favorite soft cheese.

Founded in Novara by Mario Pavesi in 1937, Pavesi finds immediate success and expands from a small bakery into large scale production in just a few years. Launching Pavesini, a low-calorie cookie, in 1952, followed by a line of crackers in 1954, and the classic Ringo in the 60s, Pavesi established itself as a catalyst of innovation of the Italian snack. Today, Pavesi is a staple present in many Italian pantries.

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