Gran Kinara 0.5 lb

Gran Kinara 0.5 lb


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Made from semi-skimmed, unpasteurized milk and thistle flower (a rare and traditional method) in Cuneo in Piemonte, the Gran Kinara is a flavorful cheese aged for a minimum of 12 months.

The Gran Kinara is characterized by a strong aroma with subtle floral hints, making it perfect for any savory dish. Enjoy it by itself, or slightly burned with a blowtorch on top of toasted Tuscan bread, with wild herbs and lemon zest.

The Fiandino farm is located in the province of Cuneo, Piemonte. Though they descend from a long line of shepherds, cousins Mario and Egidio only recently revived the traditional use of thistle rennet. Inspired by their grandfather, they use wild thistle to coagulate their cheeses, a practice rarely seen with cow’s milk. Their artful cheesemaking is combined with their love for their animals (a herd of Bruna Alpina cows), and sensibility for green energy (about 1/3 of it provided by solar power).

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