Cru Riva Gianca Riviera Ligure DOP Riviera dei Fiori Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 oz

Cru Riva Gianca Riviera Ligure DOP Riviera dei Fiori Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 oz


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The Cru Riva Gianca Riviera Ligure dei Fiori DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Roi is obtained from a special selection of olives harvested in Ricca's olive grove, in the Colombiera area in Poggi di Imperia, located by the sea at 200 feet above sea level. It is composed of 30% Taggiasca green olives, 50% Taggiasca not fully-mature olives, and 20% Taggiasca mature black olives.
On the palate, this unique extra virgin olive oil is very buttery with sweet tones of pine nut and white fruit aroma.
br/>Limited bottles. Inside the box, printed on papyrus paper, there is a documentation of production with the dates of harvest, the type of soil, and more details. A rare and unique product, this bottle makes a great gift!

Olive Varieties: 100% Taggiasca that grow in the small Cru Riva Gianca in the Riviera Ligure, Riviera dei Fiori DOP.

Pairing ideas: meat and fish with a delicate taste and as an ingredient for desserts, instead of butter.

For five generations, the Boeri family - historically nicknamed Roi - has dedicated itself to sharing the flavors of the Ligurian coast with extra virgin olive oil, pesto, and beyond. The family's story began in 1890 when Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill in Badalucco in the Argentina Valley of Liguria to process local Taggiasca olives using the traditional stone press. After years of work, he was able to finally purchase the mill. Today Franco Boeri and his son Paolo continue the tradition in the same family mill with that same stone press. Roi's Taggiasca olive groves are on traditionally narrow terraces about 1,150 feet above sea level, the olive trees enjoy a mild climate surrounded by Mediterranean scrubs, chestnut trees, and wild herbs. Thanks to the sea breezes and fragrant herbs, the air in Badalucco is wonderfully aromatic.

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