Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP 20 Month Whole Piece 17 lb

Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP 20 Month Whole Piece 17 lb


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Nota bene: We recommend slicing with an electric slicer. If slicing by hand, consult our dedicated how-to guide, as each whole prosciutto leg purchase is final and non-refundable.

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Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP can only be produced from the Italian pig breed known as Pesante Padano or “heavy pigs” which hail from one of three regions: Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna and Marche. Cured with sweet sea salt from Cervia, rubbed with lard, paprika, flour, and pepper, and aged among the hills of the Montefeltro, the sweet, aromatic flavor and delicate texture is influenced by mountain air and the salty breeze of the Adriatic Sea. For those who are passionate about their prosciutto, there's nothing more showstopping than the whole leg! When sliced thinly by hand, you'll have the chance to taste the complex flavors and textures developed during curing and the melt-in-your-mouth streaks of fat. Embrace your inner salumiere as you serve straight from the leg, then pair with Pecorino and grissini crackers for your next antipasto board.

The Fratelli Beretta production facility is situated in the heart of the Carpegna territory in the Montefeltro mountains. Day after day, Fratelli Beretta’s prosciutto is tended by hand as it slowly ages according to curing traditions of the area that have been proudly preserved from the Middle Ages and continue to be handed down from generation to generation.
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