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Pecorino Primo Sale with Pistachios 0.5 lb

Pecorino Primo Sale with Pistachios 0.5 lb


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Meaning "first salt," this Pecorino Primo Sale with Pistachios is an artisanal sheep's milk cheese typical of Sicilia. Young and flavorful with a milky white color, this cheese is a bright addition to an antipasto platter and a perfect way to savor two of Sicilia's finest flavors.

SIFOR was founded in the Palermo area in 1989 from the experience of three generations, who found ways to develop and enhance what nature had to offer – its high quality raw materials – from the splendid region of Sicilia. Today, they are known for excellence in fresh pecorino cheeses made from milk produced by local shepherds.

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Sku 31505
Producer Sifor