Pasta Wheel

Pasta Wheel


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This Pasta Wheel comes with three different wheel shapes to cut an amazing variety of fresh pasta shapes, from ravioli to lasagne, tortellini, and beyond. Choose from straight edge, wide fluted edge, and small fluted edge to cut and seal the pasta of your choice. You can even use this tool to cut out pastry dough in decorative lattice strips! Handle is made of aluminum, with resin wheels.

For over 80 years, Marcato has produced high-quality and innovative pasta tools for the home cook, always made in Italy and using sustainable, environment and health-conscious manufacturing processes. Their use of cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and attention to detail has resulted in a range of versatile and functional products for the home kitchen that are the essence of Italian design and will help you become an expert pastaio just like the Eataly chefs. 

Learn how to make fresh egg pasta dough and try out your new pasta tool!

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Producer Marcato