"Le Verdurine" Tomato Paste 4.5 oz

"Le Verdurine" Tomato Paste 4.5 oz


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"Le Verdurine" Tomato Paste from Mutti is a tasty concentrate sauce ready to use, born from the union between excellent Italian tomatoes and a variety of fresh vegetables: onion, carrot, celery, parsley and basil. A drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt completes the ingredients of this delicious paste. Enjoy Le Verdurine Tomato Paste on Crostini as an appetizer, to start your own sauce, or add it to your fish or meat dishes.

In Emilia Romagna, near Parma, the Mutti family has shared a passion for the taste of naturally sweet, vine-ripened Italian tomatoes since 1899. Mutti selects the best tasting and ripe Italian tomatoes then cans them using a low temperature process. All of Mutti’s tomatoes have in common a rich yet fresh taste, delicious aroma, and vibrant red color.

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