Peeled Red Datterino Tomatoes in Juice 12 oz

Peeled Red Datterino Tomatoes in Juice 12 oz

Così Com'è

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The whole red datterino tomatoes, peeled and preserved in their juices, are an ancient variety. The fine tomato is sweet with a rich aroma.

Incorporate these tomatoes in a variety of recipes to add strength and character to the dish.

For more than 30 years, FINAGRICOLA, the small cooperative that produces Così Com’è tomatoes in the fertile Piana del Sale of Campania, has been dedicated to carefully cultivating local produce varieties, from seed to jar. Meaning “as they are,” Così Com’è tomatoes are carefully sowed, pollinated by bumble bees, hand-harvested at their peak, and jarred within only a few hours, resulting in pure tomato preserves that taste off-the-vine fresh! All tomatoes are non-GMO and free of preservatives, pesticides, sugar, and stabilizers.

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