'Bouquet Garni' Chicken Bone Broth 14 oz

'Bouquet Garni' Chicken Bone Broth 14 oz


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Packed with proteins, minerals, and vitamins, the 'Bouquet Garni' Chicken Bone Broth from FOND is the ultimate elixir to a happy life. Made with certified organic, pasture-raised bones and organic herbs and veggies, including sage, rosemary, and thyme, this broth is like a sous-chef in a jar.

Plastic-free and shelf-stable, the Bouquet Garni is perfect to be sipped by itself (we recommend starting with 5-7 oz), or added to any of your recipes like soups and stews.

Inspired by its founder's struggle with digestive issues, FOND is a line of bone broths created by Alysa Seeland, Chef and CEO of the company, to restore gut health. All jars are packed with a broth rich in proteins and minerals, from pasture-raised and organic free-range chickens. Ready in just minutes, FOND's bone broth will make the perfect addition to any of your recipes!

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