Dry Porcini Mushroom 0.7 oz

Dry Porcini Mushroom 0.7 oz

La Bottega Del Fungo

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The Dry Porcini Mushroom from La Bottega del Fungo are prized Italian mushrooms that boast a delicate and aromatic flavor. Porcini means piggy in Italian, and the name fits: their rich, nutty taste adds a meaty depth of flavor to any dish.

Simply soak these dried porcini in a mixture of milk and warm water and use them to enrich your next risotto!

This small family-operated company is located in the homeland of the porcini mushroom, in Borgotaro (Parma). Bottega del Fungo specializes in delicious jars of porcini mushrooms in olive oil or aromatic dry porcini mushrooms, suitable for preparing sauces and creams.

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Producer La Bottega Del Fungo