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Organic Type 00 Wheat Flour 35.3 oz

Organic Type 00 Wheat Flour 35.3 oz

Mulino Marino

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This Type 00 Flour from Mulino Marino is made from Italian soft wheat, grown and harvested organically and naturally stone ground for a delicate, soft flour. This finely ground flour is perfect for making fresh egg-based pasta dough, pastries, and more.

The Mulino Marino stone-grinding mill is located in the small Langhe village of Cossano Belbo in Piemonte. The ancient mill has been run by the Marino family since the 1950s, and they have passed down their expertise in naturally stone-grinding flour for seven generations. All Mulino Marino products are organic and their heirloom varities of corn and wheat are naturally stone-ground to preserve the nutritional value and flavors of the grain itself.
Sku 1111021
Producer Mulino Marino