Carnaroli Rice 35.3 oz

Carnaroli Rice 35.3 oz


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Born in 1945 as a cross between the Vialone and Lencino, the Carnaroli is long-grained, high-starch, rice with pearled color and sweet flavor. The artisanal stone husking process used for the Carnaroli guarantees that the rice remains packed with nutrients and that it stays firm during cooking.

Perfect for any risotto, enjoy it also paired with a stew, meat, and fish.

Cooking time: 16 minutes for boiled Rice, 18 minutes for risotti.

The company gli Aironi is located in the middle of the agricultural land surrounding the town of Vercelli, known as the Grange. Gli Aironi means, first and foremost, Rice. The Perinotti family has been growing rice for five generations and today their focus is on producing rice in an eco-friendly manner, with techniques that rely on traditional wisdom. Gli Aironi brand's name means herons, birds that stand out also in the company logo, formerly on the way to extinction and that have now returned in great numbers in the Grange, confirming the company's attention to environmental sustainability.

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