Arborio Rice 35.3 oz

Arborio Rice 35.3 oz

Cascina Belvedere

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Arborio rice is a short and wide grain variety that is very high in starch, thus making it one of the best varieties to use for risotto and well-rounded dishes. Obtained through the traditional stone-husking and meticulous selection process, this Arborio rice will be your best companion while cooking a flavorful meal.

Use Arborio to make a creamy saffron risotto, and use the leftovers for some arancini!

Cascina Belvedere has been handed down from generation to generation; the family-run company's products continue to be made with respect for the earth, animals, air, and water. Each batch of their rice is traceable from seed to package, ensuring that only the best reaches your table.

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Producer Cascina Belvedere