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Pesto and Truffles Sauce 6.3 oz

Pesto and Truffles Sauce 6.3 oz


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Founded in 1850 in Umbria, Urbani is the world leader in Italian truffles. The Urbani family hunts pristine truffles which are indigenous to the Apennine Mountains in Umbria and Le Marche. They are considered a prelibacy because they require a very specific climate to grow in the wild and are difficult to hunt underground.

The Pesto and Truffle Sauce combines decadent truffles, extra virgin olive oil, and basil creating a balanced sauce that's ready-to-go with any Eataly pasta!

Try reheating it at low temperature in a pan and mix it with the pasta, for a quick and exquisite meal! 

Sku 507632
Producer Urbani
Produced in Italy
State/Province Umbria
Size 6.3 oz