Basil Pesto 6.3 oz

Basil Pesto 6.3 oz


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A true expression of the local Ligurian tradition, pesto gets its name from the Italian verb pestare, or to grind. The Basil Pesto from Roi is made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and contains no cheese. Following Ligurian tradition, Roi freshly grinds this basil pesto with their prized olive oil and basil from Genova.

Enjoy this excellent Roi Basil Pesto with Trofie, Croxetti, Linguine, and Vesuvio pasta. This product can be used on toasted bread as an appetizer or in sandwiches too.

Directions: Do not heat the pesto in the saucepan because you will lose some of the best basil aromas. Simply heat up the pesto by pouring the pesto in a bowl and adding some starchy water from the pot of boiling pasta water.

In 1890, Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill in the hills of Liguria to press local Taggiasca olives, and Roi - a historical family nickname - was born. Over 100 years and four generations later, the Boeri family continues to use the same traditional stone press for Roi’s extra virgin olive oil, pesto, and beyond, offering a true taste of Liguria.

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