Penne Rigate 17.6 oz

Penne Rigate 17.6 oz

Il Pastaio Di Gragnano

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Located in the ancient birthplace of dry pasta making, Pastaio di Gragnano crafts all of their shapes by guiding a sheet of dough through a bronze mold and air-drying each shape for 24-48 hours in the birthplace of dry pasta making, Gragnano, Campania. The result is pasta of the perfect consistency to stick to sauce.

Penne rigate get their name from the Italian penna, meaning pen. The even grooves on the outside of the pasta make them perfect for retaining any type of sauce, especially tomato sauces or creamy, cheese-based pairings. Try serving these in a traditional penne all'arrabbiata dish for a spicy variation! 

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Producer Il Pastaio Di Gragnano