La Sfoglia Egg Pasta 8.8 oz

La Sfoglia Egg Pasta 8.8 oz

La Campofilone

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Made with just whole wheat flour and high-quality eggs, La Sfoglia Egg Pasta is the result of a slow and low-temperature drying process. La Sfoglia is a thin and wide lasagna sheet, that can be both used dried to assemble a classic lasagna with ragù bolognese and besciamella (in this case the sauce should be a bit runnier), or can be cooked for a minute in salted water and used in the same way.

Ideal if you are looking for artisanal egg pasta (that cooks quickly), this sfoglia is a must-have for your Sunday dinner!

La Campofilone is located in the town of Campofilone in the Marche region and makes dried egg pasta with the freshest ingredients possible focusing only on high quality. Since 2013, the Campofilone chain has become an association of farmers who produce the wheat that becomes the semolina in their pasta. In 2015, they started their first chicken farm, where they feed chickens with only noble grains.

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