Spicy Sardines In Olive Oil 3.5 oz

Spicy Sardines In Olive Oil 3.5 oz


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The Spicy Sardines in Olive Oil from Pollastrini are made with wildly caught Mediterranean sardines, red chili peppers, olive oil, and salt. With an intense flavor, long shelf life, and high nutritional value, these sardines are the perfect pantry item.

Enjoy the sardines as an appetizer with olives and capers, in your favorite pasta recipe, or to add flavor to a delicious Mediterranean salad.

Founded in 1889 as "Sardine Pollastrini di Anzio," Pollastrini was the first company in Italy to can sardines, minimizing food waste and taking advantage of the abundant fish available in the region. The initial offerings included sardines in olive oil and with tomatoes; in the 1950s, when the company was acquired by the Sepe, their offerings expanded to include their own family recipes like the sardines in olive oil with chili peppers, sardines with tomatoes, salted anchovies, marinated and salted sardines, and clams.

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